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How to Overcome Anxiety?

How to Overcome Anxiety

An ideal world is a beautiful place that doesn’t have any anxiety or stress. Unfortunately, we are human beings and are placed in a world where nothing is perfect. As you start to do certain things, you will end up freaking out. Small steps and unexpected thoughts can cause lots of problems in your life. This is when the questions like “how to overcome anxiety” would pop up in your mind. According to experienced psychotherapists, there are several ways to overcome anxiety. The best part is, you can reduce the risks of stress and anxiety naturally.

Stop thinking of the problem

If you want to get rid of anxiety, you should stop thinking about the problem. Try to get your mind off the situation. The problem will not disappear overnight, but you can get rid of it. Go on a long walk or revisit your favorite moments. Try to keep your mind composed and calm.

Avoid Caffeine, Eat Healthy

At all times, steer clear of caffeine when you are anxious. Caffeine is a powerful compound that can trigger the production of adrenaline in your body. To be more precise, caffeine increases the production of hormones that cause anxiety. Likewise, stay away from colas, coffee, chocolates and guarana. Have just two to three cups of tea every day.

A healthy diet is required for a stabilized mood. This is why you should eat small meals with plenty of proteins. Healthy meals include 10 to 20 almonds, hard boiled lettuce, egg white, tuna cans and brown rice. When you eat small meals, you will be able to maintain steady blood sugar levels too.

There are so many herbs to help you overcome anxiety. Well known herbs that can fight anxiety and stress include chamomile, passion flower, oats, damiana, St. John’s wart and kava. Few other herbs that can combat stress include withania, licorice, rhodiola and Siberian ginseng.

Engage in Breathing Exercises

As you become anxious and stressed, breathing will become higher and shallower. You will be able to sense your breath near the chest. This is why you should engage in deep breathing exercises. Lengthen your breath and take them into your belly. Breathing exercises can change your mood and keep you calm for hours.

Stay Positive

A lot of people consider self-talks as crazy. However, positive affirmations and self-affirming messages can brighten you up. Calming and positivity are extremely important for an anxious mind. Try to console yourself with phrases like “I can always cope”, “I can do this”, “All will be well”, “All is well” and “Just take a deep breath”.

Apart from talking to yourself, tell your situation to someone who actually cares. It could be anyone like your mother, friend or loved one. Tell them that you find the situation extremely stressful. Dear ones cannot help you physically, but they will reduce your stress levels.


Last but certainly not least, you can opt for aromatherapy. This is a strategic way of telling the brain to stop worrying. Aromatherapy works well with sandalwood and nag champa.


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