Anxiety and Depression

How to Beat Anxiety and Depression?

How to Beat Anxiety and Depression

By definition, anxiety is fear over an upcoming event. Everyone anticipates for something to happen in near future. In this busy world, anxiety is a mix of emotional and physical symptoms. This means you will have sleeping problems, increased heart beat rate and poor concentration. Stress and anxiety are caused due to emotional and physical responses to perceived dangers that are not always real. If you want to break anxiety and feel good, you should make few changes as quickly as possible. With this being said, here are few tips on how to beat anxiety.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

First of all, you should get lots of sleep. Inconsistent sleep hours can cause serious health issues. Apart from serious health problems, you will face stress and anxiety too. This can turn into a vicious cycle that results in long term sleep disruption. If you are extremely anxious, you should plan for nine to ten hours of sleep.


Smile as much as you can to work down. It is always good to take some breaks and enjoy a giggle. Research proves that genuine laughter and pleasant smiling can reduce the risks of anxiety and depression. So, don’t think twice to watch a nerve jittery video in YouTube!

Declutter your Brain and Ambiance

A messy brain can make relaxation difficult. Likewise, you shouldn’t have a cluttered ambiance. To make things easy, take off 15 minutes and clean up your work area. Try to keep things clean and void of anxiety at all times. When you de-clutter, your brain will start to think rationally. And, there is very little space for anxiety when you think rationally.

Express Gratitude

A well tested theory states that expressing gratitude can cut down anxiety. Try to keep your mind open and be prepared to appreciate others. As you express gratitude, you will not have an overwhelmed mindset.

Eat Healthy

Anxiety is capable of running our bodies. It has the power to throw our bodies to a big mess. As a result, your appetite is likely to change. You may feel like skipping all important meals. This is why you should encourage your body to have a healthy diet. Have lots of omega 3, vitamin B and healthy whole grain carbohydrates. These are three essential nutrients that can alleviate the signs of anxiety and depression. Whole grain carbohydrates can stimulate the feel good neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters will keep you relaxed and calm. Meanwhile, stay away from processed foods and sugary items. Excess sugar can increase the risks of anxiety.

Breathe & Meditate

A useful tool that eradicates anxiety and depression would be “Breathing”. As you figure out how to beat anxiety, you will learn to breathe. Deep breathes will bring down your anxiety level and keep you strong. Additionally, each breath will tell your brain that everything is all right. This is why people with serious emotional issues are advised to meditate. Meditation can rewire your brain and increase the amount of grey matter in it. Moreover, meditation is way of analyzing your mood, brain and thoughts.


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