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Effective Remedies for Kidney Stone

Effective Remedies for Kidney Stone

The kidneys are undeniably one of the most essential organs in the entire body. The organ filters and detoxifies impurities from the body. Also, it eliminates waste products from the blood. Unfortunately, kidney stones can affect the overall performance of the organ. This is when the kidney fails to remove toxins and impurities from blood efficiently. Scientifically, kidney stones are unprocessed minerals in the body. These stones can block and cause intense pain during urine flow.

Here are few natural home remedies for kidney stones. These remedies will soothe pain and reduce the discomfort in having kidney stones. Additionally, these remedies will speed up the body’s ability to heal other kidney disorders too.

The Lucky Trio

Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil are three major home remedies for kidney stones. These ingredients can soothe the pain caused by kidney stones too. As you experience the first signs of pain, mix organic lemon juice with olive oil. Drink this mixture and wait for 30 to 40 minutes. Now, mix apple cider vinegar with lemon and drink. Repeat this procedure till you feel better!

Uva Ursi

A folk cure for kidney stones would be “Uva Ursi”. Apart from fighting against stubborn kidney stones, this herb is capable of curing infection too. It cleanses the urinary tract and reduces pain. Just 500 mg of Uva Ursi can do the trick in your body.

Dandelion Root

Another organic cure for kidney stones would be dandelion root. Doctors and scientists consider dandelion root as a natural cleanser and kidney tonic. Consuming 500 mg of dandelion root every day can do wonders in your body.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans look like real human kidneys. This proves the link between kidney beans and the health of your organ. Kidney beans are rich with medicinal values. It is recommended for both normal and people with kidney stones. Remove the pods inside kidney beans and boil it in warm water. This liquid has to be strained and consumed cold.

Horsetail Tea

Do you want a natural remedy against kidney stones? According to ancient literature, horsetail tea is a sensational remedy for kidney stones. You should consume three to four cups of horsetail tea every day. It is quite interesting to note that the nutrient is sold in the form of herbs too.

Fresh Pomegranates

Almost everyone knows about the hale and hearty nature of pomegranates. Well, pomegranate juice is not an exception too! Seeds and juice from this fruit can heal your kidneys. This can be attributed to the astringent and sour properties of pomegranates. For a natural cure, you should have organic pomegranates every day.

Cure From Magnesium

According to a recent study, magnesium is a powerful cure against kidney stones. People who consumed magnesium supplements frequently, showed lessor signs of kidney stone. Magnesium reduced the rate of kidney stones by 92%. Doctors recommend 300 mg of magnesium orotates to reduce and prevent kidney stones in the long run.

Few other effective home remedies for kidney stones would be organic celery, basil and a healthy change in diet.


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