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Top Home Remedies for Cystic Acne

Top Home Remedies for Cystic Acne

Cystic acne also known as “nodulocystic” acne is the inflammation of nodules and cysts on the skin. Cystic acne can appear anywhere in the body, ranging from buttocks to shoulders to the face. Cystic acne may appear like normal acne with sebum (skin oil). These pores can cause mini-infection, redness and inflammation too. Cystic acne is caused due to many reasons. Common causes of cystic acne are hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, internal inflammation and food allergens. Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies for cystic acne. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through these remedies.

Follow a Healthy Diet

First of all, you should consume a healthy diet. Many dairy products should be removed from your dietary plan. Also, check with a physician if you are allergic to foods. Try to load your body with fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, steer away from processed foods and sugar. At all times, look for foods that are low glycemic.

Use Natural Skin Care Treatments

For clean, beautiful skin you should engage in frequent natural skin care treatments. Read and know more about the skin care products you use. Chemical based skin care products with preservatives and sulfates can worsen acne. Try to choose products with natural ingredients that can protect and nourish the skin.

A Herbal Cure

For more than three centuries, calendula has been used to cure cystic acne. This is an herb with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Calendula can remove bacteria and tame redness. According to Dr. Weil, calendula is a powerful alternative to benzoyl peroxide.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The talk about home remedies for cystic acne will remain incomplete without “Apple Cider Vinegar”. As a natural antibiotic, apple cider vinegar is capable of killing acne causing bacteria. Additionally, it will balance your skin’s pH level. This makes apple cider vinegar a powerful cleanser. Mix apple cider vinegar with water to prepare your very own toner (natural).

The Healer

Loaded with L-absorbic acid, lemon juice can help your heal cystic acne. It is a rich antioxidant that heals and protects the skin. As a natural disinfectant, lemon juice kills acne-causing bacteria. Its acidic nature exfoliates dead skin cells. However, lemon juice can remove excess moisture from your skin. This is when you should restrict usage to a couple of times every month.

Effective Honey Masks

Honey mash is another powerful antiseptic. It is capable of killing acne-causing bacteria. Apart from its acidic properties, honey masks can prevent bacteria from replicating. It soothes inflammation and calms down pain. If you have breakouts and redness on your face, honey masks can help you enjoy a quick relief.

Finest Tea Tree Oil

One of the finest anti-microbial agents would be “Tea tree oil”. This is an essential oil that can kill fungus, bacteria and virus. According to a study that was done in 1990, tea tree oil is much more effective than benzoyl peroxide. Also, it has very few side effects like burning, drying or itching. However, tea tree oil can cause irritation on sensitive skin. This is why you should test it with few drops.


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