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Some of the Best Foods for a Hangover

Some of the Best Foods for a Hangover

The signs of hangover are obvious. You will not remember what happened when you went to bed and will have a throbbing headache. Some people leap into their washrooms as nausea can hit your mind like a fireball. Luckily, the best food for a hangover can save you from these issues. Though there is no official cure for hangover, these foods can lend you a hand of help.

Food #1 – Cactus Extracts

Cactus extracts alias Opuntia ficus-indica can help you reduce some hangover effects. Symptoms like dry mouth, nausea and lack of appetite can be alleviated. According to a study that was done on 55 people in 2004, cactus supplements should be consumed two hours before you have drinks. This will cut down severe hangover effects.

Food #2 – Green Juice Smoothie

A classic food against hangover would be “Green Juice smoothie”. The owner of “Sow” believes that his special juice recipe can revitalize your body. Lemon, apple, mint, parsley and celery are key ingredients of this smoothie. Sometimes, you will spot spinach and kale in the drink. The drink is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities.

Food #3 – Vitamins

After a hangover, the body starves for vitamins. This is because the liver uses vitamins to metabolize alcoholic beverages. To be more precise, the body leaches vitamin B to handle alcohol. This is why you should have vitamin B complex before and after drinking. Vitamin B Complex will mitigate your hangover symptoms significantly. A recent study declared that 1200 milligrams of vitamin B complex can bring down hangover symptoms by 50 percent. Indeed, Vitamin B Complex is the best food for a hangover.

Food #4 – Coconut Water

After a big night out, potassium and hydration will become your best buddies. Rehydration is extremely important after hangover. Also, plenty of potassium will be lost from your body due to frequent urination. If you are unfortunate, you will lose potassium due to vomiting too! Coconut water helps in boosting the amount of potassium in the body. When compared against other juices, coconut water is easy on the stomach too.

Food #5 – Milk Thistles

Common hangover symptoms like nausea and headaches can be cured with milk thistles. This is a powerful Mediterranean herb that handles muscle soreness, sweating and a racing heart. The herb supports liver function and removes toxins. However, consult a doctor before you consume the milk thistle.

Food #6 – Ginger

The talk about best foods for a hangover will remain incomplete without “Ginger”. It controls the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and reduces the likelihood of nausea. The best cocktail against hangover contains ginger root. After all, ginger is an effective cure against stomach bugs and seasickness too!

Food #7 – Coffee

Alcohol can make you feel tired and stressed the very next day. To cut down this symptom, you should have a cup of coffee. The drink will save you from severe headaches and tiredness. However, coffee is identified as a natural diuretic. Hence, you should consume it carefully or be prepared to feel worse.


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