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How to Treat Fever Blisters?

How to Treat Fever Blisters

Fever blisters can be very uncomfortable and extremely painful too. These are well known cosmetic nuisances that occur in different parts of the face. Fever blisters can appear on your nostrils, mouth and lips. A lot of people tend to pick on these blisters. However, medical professionals believe that fever blisters heal quickly if they are untouched. Leaving them alone will reduce the complications and increase the rate at which they heal. Moreover, there are plenty of home remedies on how to treat fever blisters.

Use Ice

One of the simplest ways to treat fever blisters is with the help of “ice”. This is an easy way to treat blisters in different parts of the body. Take some ice and rub it on the blister or leave it on the blister for some time. This process has to be repeated till the blister heals or lessens.

Use Lemon Balm Tea

For more than two centuries, people have used lemon balm tea to overcome and reduce fever blisters. This might seem like a complicated process. However, you can apply lemon balm tea on the blisters to cure it quickly. Make lemon balm tea and soak cloth/cotton in it. Now, rub the cotton on the blister. According to experts, this is one of the finest remedies against fever blisters. Just like lemon balm tea, you can use tea bags to cure fever blisters. Press the warm tea bag on your blisters several times a day.

Use Yoghurt and Eggs

Yoghurt and eggs can be used to treat fever blisters. A facial mask with egg and yoghurt can cure blisters in less than two weeks. To increase the rate at which eggs and yoghurt works, you should use Manuka honey.

Use Aloe Vera

The list of effective remedies against fever blisters will remain incomplete without “Aloe Vera”. Fresh Aloe Vera can cure blister in few minutes. In fact, Aloe Vera can heal different types of skin infections. Aloe Vera to cure fever blisters comes in different forms. You can opt for Aloe Vera creams, lotions and gels.

Use Common Salt

Common salt is another remedy against fever blisters. Moisten your fingers with salt water and place it on your blisters. Common salt can increase the speed at which fever blisters are healed. Just like common salt, baking soda will help you soothe blisters too.

Use Vitamins

Regardless of the natural remedy you use to cure fever blisters, make sure it contains vitamin A. The essential nutrient protects the body from many harmful free radicals and improves the body’s immunity. Alice Feinstein the author of “Prevention’s Healing with Vitamins” believes that vitamin A can reduce the severity and frequency of fever blisters. It accelerates the process and triggers the production of red blood cells. Women are advised to consume 700 mcg of vitamin A to save themselves from fever blisters. Common foods with lots of vitamin A include spinach, beef, milk, cod liver oil, kale and carrots. Likewise, include lots of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is capable of strengthening the immune system and reducing the risks of fever blisters associated with virus.


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