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Home Remedies Against Cellulite

Home Remedies Against Cellulite

A lot of women are worried about the effects of cellulite. The hunt for home remedies for cellulite has increased prominently in the past few years. There are plenty of blogs, magazines and websites with a number of solutions on how to get rid of cellulites. If you are searching for home remedies against cellulite, here are top few solutions for you.

Dry Brushing

There are very few scientific reports to prove why dry brushing can reduce cellulites. However, the remedy works miracles! It helps individuals feel wonderful and helps in triggering the flow of lymph and blood through the body. Dry brushing opens pores and keeps the skin moist. When you engage in dry brushing, make sure you avoid circular motions and scrubbing. Also, get hold of vegetable derived, natural brushes that are not too hard or stiff.

Use Gelatin

“Nourishing Traditions” declares that gelatin is a useful remedy against cellulites. There are several benefits associated with the use of gelatin. It improves cellulite, removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of dietary collagen. In fact, gelatin is capable of tightening lose skin. This can be attributed to the presence of essential amino acids like proline and glycine. These are essential amino acids found in rare food products. A lot of people don’t have these amino acids in their diet. This is why you should consume a healthy diet with plenty of gelatin in it.

Use Myofascial Massage

Cellulites have a strong connection with the skin’s fat cells. It forms in the superficial fascia and contributes to rippled looking skin. Luckily, myofascial massage can help you cure this skin condition. This massage soothes the skin cells and prevents imbalances that are caused due to fascia.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrub is another interesting remedy against cellulite. Exfoliation and skin massages are strongly associated with lymph/blood flow. The right kind of massage can tighten your skin and give it a firm shape. Above all, coffee scrubbing will give your skin a fresh smell.

Consume Omega 3

When you consume the wrong kind of fatty acids, you will see many changes in your skin! Fatty acids are essential for smooth tissues and skin. This is why your diet should have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. Also, include fat soluble vitamins in your dietary routine. These are important nutrients that can have a positive impact in the way your body functions.

A Detox Bath

One of the finest remedies against cellulite would a “Detox Bath”. These are relaxing baths that can reduce the buildup of toxins in your body. Detox baths remove fat tissues that can cause cellulites. Once again, there aren’t many studies to prove the impact of detox baths. Luckily, this technique helps the skin in many other ways too.

Use of Essential Oils

Rosemary or juniper oil helps the body get rid of toxins from muscle and fat tissues. The essential oil improves circulation and acts as a natural detoxifying moisturizer. This is one of the fastest remedies against cellulite.


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