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Home Remedies Against Baby Constipation

Home Remedies Against Baby Constipation

Constipation is a health disorder faced by both adults and little ones. When compared against elders, it is very difficult to see small ones cry and suffer from constipation. Most children develop this ailment when they are exposed to new foods and a solid diet. In fact, constipation occurs when babies are shifted from breast-feeding to dairy products. Fortunately, there are few treatments to cure constipation in babies. With this being said, here are few common baby constipation home remedies. These remedies will improve your kid’s health and make their feel better. The best part is that you can use these remedies on children of different age groups.

A Gentle Stomach Massage

First of all, give your little one a gentle stomach massage. You should make small spherical motions on the baby’s stomach. Make these spherical movements with your fingertips. This will eradicate tension and pressure on your baby’s tummy. Above all, it will save him/her from the symptoms of constipation.

Effective Workouts

It is quite interesting to note that there are plenty of exercises to cure constipation. However, the real challenge arises when you are ought to make an infant perform these workouts. Here are two simple exercises to cure constipation in babies:

  1. Carry your little one around in the squat posture. Rise his/her leg in a way that he/she is squatting on your forearms. This movement should make your newborn baby look like a moving frog or bunny. The exercise will exert mild pressure on his/her rectum. This helps in defecation.
  2. Hold your little one on his/her back. Now, hold his/her legs in a half bent state. Move your child’s legs very carefully. The movement should represent him/her paddling a bicycle. This motion should be carried out in a steady pace. Sooner, your child’s intestines will loosen up and he/she will not feel constipated.

Sugar Solution Versus Prune Juice Versus Dark Corn Syrup

A lot of mothers rely on sugary solutions to cure constipation in their little ones. Mix an ounce of water with half a teaspoon of sugar. This solution should be fed to your baby, three times every day. Don’t opt for white sugar. Instead, go for brown sugar with very little preservatives. And, choose chill boiled water for this treatment.

Another sensational remedy for baby constipation would be prune juice. Giving your child diluted prune juice can do wonders to his/her health. If your baby is four months, give him/her 1oz of diluted prune juice. Feed him/her prune juice twice a day. In case, your baby is less than four months, give him/her a tablespoon of prune juice.

Dark corn syrup will help your baby recover from constipation. A teaspoon of dark corn syrup with four ounces of water can cure constipation effectively. Once again, make sure of cooled boiled water for the remedy. If you have given your little one sugar solution, don’t use this cure.

The Cure!

Constipation can cause serious discomfort around your baby’s anus. This is why you should apply a mild water-based lubricant around your kid’s anus. This will decrease the discomfort and make him/her feel good.


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